Road rage incident on Lane Cove Road Macquarie Park NSW on 4th November 2018

Macquarie Park, New South Wales, Australia
04. 11. 2018 / 08:15pm


Dashcam just happened on Lane Cove Road NSW: A Car (Licence Plate 46JOSE) in front suddenly hard-braked on a main road with the intent of having my car crashing into his from behind. Luckily I stopped in time without collision. A south-american looking man then walked towards our car while shouted aggressively towards us. Even though he eventually left without further escalation into physical violence, this video clearly showed how we could be forced to face road rage even when we are driving peacefully and lawfully.

Please share this video to warn other drivers to be careful with those who may suddenly brake with the intent to claim compensation or to find victim to release their anger on us. Dashcam is very important nowadays. And most importantly, don't get out of the car and stay calm and cool. Call police if you need urgent help.

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