Viofo WR1 Review


Viofo is today one of the world's leading dash cam brands, focusing on high quality devices with great support. Prior to the release of the WR1, Viofo however did not have any Wifi-enabled dash cams. The WR1 changed all that, with Viofo joining the significant wifi shift in the dash cam market with this small, discrete dash cam.


Novatek 96655 chipset)

Sony Exmor IMX323

160 degree lens

Resolutions: 1920x1080 30fps, 1280x720 30fps

Supports SD cards up to 128GB

Includes WIFI

Includes a capacitor, not a lithium battery

Comes with both a suction cup holder and a sticker mount


Unlike many dash cams, the WR1 does not have a screen. This means that all settings, including aligning the camera, need to be done using the mobile app. As a result, the WR1 is very small, making it quite discrete. The fact that the camera is black also doesn't hurt.

The camera comes with holders - a suction cup and a sticker mount. In addition, the dash cam comes with spare stickers should you decide you want to move the mount after installing.



  • dot-img 4 meter Long mini-USB cable
  • dot-img A short mini-USD cable
  • dot-img A dual or single port USB cigarette lighter charger
  • dot-img Sticker mount AND suction cup
  • dot-img Wire clips to hold the cords when installing
  • dot-img Spare stickers for the mount
  • dot-img English manual

support-iconComroads app support

The Comroads app fully supports the Wiofo WR1 dashcam out of the box with no special functions or changes required. Just install the app, sign up, and choose you camera from the wifi list

The videos below are original and uneditted videos downloaded directly from the camera to the phone through the application and have not been processed at all (unlike YouTube etc.)

camera-iconDaytime video

The Viofo WR1 produces very good daytime images. The video is very clear and sharp. License plates are clearly visible even while moving. at 0:36 you can also clearly see the number plate of vehicles moving on the left.

camera-iconTwilight video

Evening, or twilight videos are important because they are an intermediate state between day and night when there is less light but is not quite dark. The WR1 disappoints a bit with the evening footage compared to what it can do in the day, with the picture becoming a bit grainy. The video is still however pretty good when compared to other dash cams at this price point

camera-iconNight video

Good quality night video is a rare occurance with dash cams, and unfortunately the WR1 is no exception. While the image is still clear and relatively good, license plates are very hard to decipher, as exposure is pretty low.


The WR1 is good value for money for an incexpensive, discrete camera with WIFI. It's built well and has a capacitor. Viofo's excellent customer support is also a big plus, making the WR1 a good choice if you're on a budget.


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