Viofo WR1 Review


Viofo is today one of the world's leading dash cam brands, focusing on high quality devices with great support. Dual dash cams, especially those with good wifi, are hard to come by. Those that are available today are usually VERY expensive, at the $300+ mark. Viofo's breakthrough A129 model has changed that and offers, what coud be considered the near ultimate dash cam, at a very reasonable price.


Novatek 96663 chipset)

Sony Starvis sensor (both front and rear)

140 degree lens

Resolution: 1920x1080 30fps both front and rear (60fps if only front is used)

Supports SD cards up to 256GB

Dual band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WIFI

Includes a capacitor, not a lithium battery

Quick release mount with GPS


Much like many of Viofo's previous popular dashcams, the A129 has a very discrete, wedge build. As you can see in the picture below, it blends in very well in the car, unlike other box-shaped non-black dash cams. The camera also has a nice screen, which helps with the intial alignment. The camera mount uses very strong 3M glue which holds the A129 very firmly in place. The camera itself is however easily detatcheable so you can remove it if you need to.


package-iconWhat's in the box?

support-iconComroads app support

The Comroads app fully supports the Viofo A129 dashcam. However, right now, we appeared to have a few issues when the 2.4Ghz wifi was enabled. After switching to 5Ghz, everything worked perfectly. We hope this issue will be rectified by Viofo with future firmware upgrades.

Keep in mind, that the Comroads app currently only downloads the videos from the front camera. In the future we'll add support also for the rear.

camera-iconDaytime video

The Viofo A129 produces excellent daytime images. The video is very clear and sharp. License plates are clearly visible even while moving./p>

camera-iconTwilight video

Evening, or twilight videos are important because they are an intermediate state between day and night when there is less light but is not quite dark. The A129 does not disappoint and still manages to perform very well. While there is of course a reduction in quality, the A129's large aperature means it can still product great images even at low light.

camera-iconNight video

Good quality night video is a rare occurance with dash cams. This is one of the points where the A129 shines and is in quality comparable with much more expensive cameras. The Sony sensor with a large aperature allows good exposure even at low light conditions, resulting in great night time image


If the A129 is within your budget, this is argueably one of the best dash cams on the market today. With excellent build quality, a discrete design, great image quality, and very fast WIFI, this dual camera dash cam great at this price point. Keep in mind that Viofo has announced that they will be releasing an IR addon to the camera soon which will make the second camera very useful for rideshare drivers as they can face it into the cabin.


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