About Us

Comroads is the world’s first social network for drivers to share vital video evidence when and where needed. Comroads is focused on building a community of drivers who can use the app to easily retrieve, upload and share their dashcam footage, helping fellow drivers prove their traffic cases against those who don’t want to take responsibility for causing an accident.

Traffic accidents occur quickly, and often times the driver responsible for causing the crash leaves the scene of the incident before proper information can be exchanged. While a single dashcam can help catch some of the details, one dashcam is often not enough to provide a full picture of what happened.

Comroads was built to help overcome this challenge. The app works with standard WiFi enabled off-the-shelf dashcams. By bundling the dashcam footage from all the drivers who were nearby when an accident occurs, Comroads will be able to provide victims with a 360º view into exactly what happened, helping prove the innocence of the victims and serving justice to those at fault - even if the driver refuses to accept responsibility.

Comroads is simple to install and use. After downloading the Android app, users just pair their phones with their dashcam using the app. The app will then automatically detect when a car is in motion. While in driving mode, the app anonymously maps the drivers’ trip and matches it with the dash cam footage, allowing users to point to a location on the map and then easily share the footage from that location.

If a driver is involved in an accident, he or she will be able to press the accident point on the map of their route in the Comroads app, allowing them to see if any other Comroads community members were there so that they can request videos from their dashcams. When there’s an incident reported by a Comroads community member, Comroads will be able to locate nearby drivers who may have relevant footage. Drivers will then be able to request footage and view what happened – again and again - allowing them to see the accident from different angles, before submitting to insurers.

By remembering where a car is parked, Comroads will be able to protect vehicles when they are not on the road. If the car is damaged while it is parked, the owner will be able to press the location on the map inside the Comroads app to see if anyone from the Comroads community recorded the incident.

The videos that are shared are completely anonymous and Comroads does not have any partnerships with law enforcement or government authorities, nor is uploader information shared with any 3rd party.

Comroads currently supports the Yi smart dashcam, Viofo WR1 and the Viofo A129 and will be introducing support for additional models over the next year.

wheel-icon Be a Responsible Driver

You’re reading this, so you’re probably a safe driver. Probably also you want to see the roads safer for everyone – drivers and pedestrians. So here’s the thing: Making it happen relies on people like you joining Comroads now, before the launch.

Join now, get the app, and next time you drive you’ll be part of the Comroads community. On a journey to protecting yourself and others. Plus you’ll help improve the app by giving feedback about bugs, or features you’d like to see, and generating anonymous driving data. And when we say anonymous, it really is.

lock-icon Privacy and Anonymity

Your data is yours, nobody else’s. With Comroads you can sign up anonymously. That’s right – no need to share your name, contact details, favourite TV show or any of that stuff. The only thing you might be asked for is your footage – in case another member needs it. How does that sound? Ready to join the world’s first dash cam social community?