LUCKY TRUCKIE! Idiot Driver Causes Two Crashes - Hit and Run

Ashhurst, New Zealand
02. 08. 2017 / 08:37pm


Footage of a near roll-over, a rear-end, and a driver who managed to cause two accidents by being impatient on a busy road.

*Slo-mo replay at the end*

The blue Toyota Hiace van attempted to overtake the truck, but ran out of steam up the hill, and then ran out of lane, so decided to push the truck over the cliff - which very nearly worked. The truck was very lucky the fence pushed him back onto all fours, but the oncoming traffic wasn't so lucky with a nasty rear-end causing a bit of whiplash and writing off the rear vehicle (the gold Ford Mondeo).

I was able to track down the truck driver, who used this footage as evidence in the insurance claim against the van driver.

Stay safe and be patient on our roads!

Footage is thanks to my fantastic trusty 1440p Viofo A119 dashcam.

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