Fail to understand that famous "Merge" rule

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
12. 04. 2018 / 06:52am


King William Rd, ADELAIDE

There are still SO many people that DO NOT understand this merge rule as shown in this clip.

Please.... get it through your thick skull!! When the lane starts to merge, the car in front ALWAYS has right of way. Usually, There are signs like "Form 1 or 2 lanes" However, in this situation there are temporary roadworks and the yellow sign clearly indicates that there are only two lanes open. This is one rule that drivers (especially new ones) need to know!!

This guy even had the nerve to wind down his window and tell me to slow down. Duh, we are doing the 40km/h speed limit dickhead.... stupid wanker.

Licence plate : S680 BBI

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