Can I upload any type of video?
So long as it's road related and you can tell us where and when it happened, you can upload. Any video that you think other people will find interesting or perhaps useful is welcomed as long as it abides to our T&C and uploading guidelines.

I just uploaded my video but can't see it on the map. What's wrong?
All videos by new uploaders are manually checked and verified to make sure they abide by the guidelines and to fill in and missing data (date, map, categories etc.). This usually doesn't take long and users that consistently upload fully detailed videos are usually granted autopublish rights, meaning that the videos appear automatically on the site within a few minutes of uploading.

Do you share these videos with the police or other authorities?
No, we do not cooperate with any law enforcement or other government authorities, nor do we share any uploader information with any 3rd party. If local law enforcement independently finds a video and wants to take action, they are free to do so. Should they need details from the uploader, they can contact them through the website's internal messaging system or ask us to email them. We will not provide user details to any 3rd party unless given explicit permission by the user.

Why do you have advertisements on the site?
It might not seem like much, but Comroads has quite a high running cost. We host all the videos that are uploaded to the site, so apart from the actual website servers, we also have video storage, CDN streaming costs, Google Maps API costs (yeah, they charge for it) among other things. So, while the advertising doesn't come close to covering it, it is one way of helping us absorb it.

How do I post a video onto Comroads?
Posting a video is actually really easy. You can either upload the file to the site, or simply post a YouTube URL. Here's a quick demo video